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Tips to improve the study!

It is not enough to sit, read and underline to study. Help your child to have a more effective study. They are very simple recommendations, that if we make them part of the study routine, we will increase the level of learning and also be more dynamic and will be reflected with good grades.


  1. Choose and adapt the study space: it is important that the space is clear, orderly, with good lighting and ventilation. It is always recommended to study in the same place, it will help to concentrate faster
  2. Prepare the material (books, notebooks and pen / pencil) and remove possible distractors such as mobile and computer.
  3. It determines the time of study: it is verified that more information is retained and assimilated stipulating periods of less than 30 minutes
  4. Organize the information: if it is a very extensive topic, it is recommended to divide it into subtopics that are easy to remember or relate them to some topic of daily life.
  5. It is recommended not to memorize the information but to understand it. If you want to know more about the types of learning, click here.
  6. Make personal notes as a summary of what has been learned, it is recommended to use colors and other study techniques such as conceptual maps, mental maps, synoptic charts, sign cards, questionnaires, diagrams and drawings.
  7. Explain with your words the lesson studied to another person: this will achieve significant learning and not memorization. As Einstein said, you should explain things as if you were telling your grandmother, in this way you put to the test what you really learned.
  8. Good nutrition: try to include foods high in antioxidants, such as almonds, walnuts, cranberries
  9. Hydration: it is essential to drink water, you can also drink other drinks such as green tea
  10. Restful sleep: it is very important to sleep for 6 to 8 hours, it helps to consolidate what has been learned.
  11. If you like aromatherapy, you can use a diffuser with lavender essence, this will help your child concentrate more easily.


I leave a video that talks about the cientific study tips

YouTube  (2015)

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Bicycle: Transportation, health, sport and friendship

Without any doubt, bicycle is experiencing a stage of splendor, everyone is up for it: whether it is alone, with friends, or family … to do sport or as a mean of comfortable and cheap transportation.


  • Bicycles for all groups, depending on the lifestyle, many have several types, because people who are fond of it are fans in all of its modalities:
  • Mountain biking for weekends
  • Foldable bikes to move around the city
  • Hybrid for weekends and trips in the city
  • Urban or so called dutch bikes, comfortable and adapted for the city
  • Or, the latest fashion: ultra-light and minimalist bikes for the city.


There are countries that already offer, as one of its tourist attractions, their bicycle routes or their cities without smoke and noises thanks to this of 2 wheeled transport.

Cities such as Amsterdam (Holland), where more than 60% of the trips are made by bicycle or Copenhagen (Denmark) where even politicians move in this means of transport, are becoming more attractive. In Barcelona, for example, you can see more and more groups of tourists touring the city by bicycle.

But routing options aren’t exclusive to cities of course. We have roads, excursions, routes for mountain bikes, each time there are more alternatives offered by countries that have joined the new wave of the bicycle. For example, you can go from the Danish capital to the German capital through a route of 620km destined to bicycles and without cars.



Traveling, meeting countries, people and enjoying this sport is something that already joins many people in many countries. Brands like Brompton are already typical in many cities and have many communities of fans have been created around the brand. Brompton has become an icon of a modern, healthy and practical type of person who enjoys the day-to-day pleasure of riding a bicycle in the city. A whole revolution.

Other alternatives are pleasure trips made for cycling routes, websites such as offers you endless possibilities to travel around Europe with family and friends, in, easy routes, difficult, urban or mountain.

Via Families encourages you to find, in our web community, students or families like you, fond of bicycles, to make sporting, cultural and linguistic exchanges between you.



For your health, bicycle is a good ally, here are some advantages and benefits that cycling can give you, do as you do, each one has a level and pace:

  1. It is an activity that helps us increase lung capacity
  2. It helps us burn general and specific fat.
  3. Indicated for people with ligament problems
  4. Does not load joints (hip, knee, ankles) as it does in running
  5. And the best: you segregate endorphins! Thru that, you generate optimism and a more positive attitude towards life

So, know you know! Get on a bike, you have many to choose. Which is yours?

Enjoy the video! From the Netherlands Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs