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World Youth Skills Day

16% of the world population is represented by people aged 15 to 24 years, equivalent to 1.2 billion young people. Facing almost three times more unemployment, to perform low quality jobs or suffer inequality in the job market than an adult.

United Nations hand in hand with Permanent Missions of Portugal and Sri Lanka, UNESCO and the International Labor Organization, today (June 15) create the world day of youth skills to raise awareness of the importance of investing in education of young people.

The UN estimated the number of young people unemployed worldwide at 74.5 million. 1 in 5 young people (125 million) work but the salary received is very low. Taking into account that the labor situation is more complex and competitive, we must prepare the new generations, developing their skills and providing them with tools.

To succeed in the labor market, good education and training is essential.

What are those skills and / or competences that it is recommended to develop?

In addition to theoretical knowledge, companies look for young people with soft skills, such as: teamwork, collaboration, imagination and leadership.

According to the Global Education and Skills Forum of 2018 (GESF), it recommends developing competencies such as tolerance, empathy, critical thinking and creativity. Complementing them with those mentioned in the Report of “The Future of Jobs of the World Economic Forum” which are problem solving, emotional intelligence, decision making, customer orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility.

At Via Families we promote the education of all the young people of the world. Connecting families internationally to carry out student exchanges between families. See more information, HERE

It seeks that young people can contribute to the company by improving performance and productivity.

“Education will not change the world, change the people who are going to change the world”

– Pablo Freire-


As always, I leave you a video in which Pablo Heinig (electrical engineer and doctoral candidate in Leisure and Development of Human Potential and professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona) proposes a method to think, feel and act according to the people we want to be.

YouTube  2018

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Via Families and the alliances with associations and brands

In Via Families we are doing collaborations with entities, companies and associations in favor of the families that are on our platform.

But, what is the main purpose of this collaborations?

To undestand it better, it is important to comeback to how the idea of our alliances arose.

By chance, Raúl Sánchez, the director of Large Families in Europe, saw one of our tweets published by Via Families and decided to get in touch with us and told us that he was interested in our platform and also he wanted to know how he could help their families.

That first interest resulted in a mutual collaboration agreement and, as a result, several families of the Large Families Association of Europe started enrolling on Via Families platform.

Families that were going to be able to relate with guarantees and between them under the same seal of their association.

That experience led Via Families to develop the concept within the platform, and likewise, be able to validate the families with a reference seal/stamp with which to meet and relate.

That is, the seal or frame under which families agreed, validated that the family was real and not a false profile. These were people who were already part of an association, with specific interests common to other families of the platform.

Thanks to this system, families started searching within Via Families platform, since being part of the Large Families Association of Europe gave them confidence, security and guarantee.

From this fact, every time that VIA FAMILIES went to an association and explained the benefits of belonging to a brand, the interest was immediate.

It is difficult that an association or company is not interested in grouping all its members. In Via Families we consider that this fact provides a plus of confidence and guarantee; its an added value.

That means, we must understand that a brand or logo are not only useful to sell a product or service, but can contribute much more than a purely commercial aspect.

What the brand possesses are values ​​and has a social mission that we have not assumed in all its magnitude yet.

Our proposal to brands, companies and associations is to use our platform so that families can identify themselves under their umbrella – as a guarantee -.

Nowadays, the logo of a company only has value when the worker leaves the company and includes it in his resume to find a new job.

But if the brand decides to get involved on our platform, it will be granting a higher value to its employees, who will be able to go to Via Families and join with other families with similar needs.

Indirectly the employees will become an ambassador of the brand and the company will loyalty and empathize with their needs.

Likewise, all the families included on the platform will know that the brand is involved with its workers and that they collaborate in international education.

Associations such as Celiac of Catalonia can be coupled to Via Famlies and we, at the same time, get on the platform celiac associations from other parts of the world.

With this organic system, a huge community is created among families that, in one way or another, suffer the same problem.

Therefore, the Via Families model is a whole universe and ecosystem of associations, entities and companies, which feed each other while giving meaning.

Let’s give an example to illustrate it better. Imagine the profile of a notary who belongs to the tennis club in your city. His children go to a certain school and belong to a celiac association.

In Via Families can find other families with some common aspects and generate positive synergies.

In addition, this kind of information is not personal, so the individual will keep their confidentiality more sensitive such as the phone, the email address, etc.

In this way, Via Families offers a range of options so that families can get in touch and share interests.

Ana Trinxet

Ceo y Fundadora de Via Families.

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What the companies do for their employees, and for their families?

HR departments are becoming more relevant due to the big problem many companies have: the talent leak: how to retain that employee? How could a company give something to their employee that he would not get out of it?

Conscious Companies are a new paradigm, they are those companies that are responsible for improving the world around them: ecosystem, society, sustainability …

Each company is unique, although there are equal or very similar products, companies are distinguished: each has its philosophy, values, history, principles … and a logo or seal that identifies them in the broad consumer market.

To belong to a company, situates us and verifies our identity as well as giving a personal reference.

But, what does it mean to belong to the community of a company, besides being able to add it to your CV?

The seal of an entity is the guarantee of belonging, of current location, of reference to an stranger, a guarantee of your truthfulness and identity, something very important in the world of collaborative economies in which we trust so much people online .

Through Via Families we have created this system of validation of identity.

Corporations that validate the identities of people to make cultural, linguistic and sporting exchanges.

Via Families offers companies:

  1. International platform visibility for your employees and other people on the platform
  2. It is a tool to make your company a compromised company.
  3. Fidelize your employees
  4. Transmit the values ​​of your brand beyond the company
  5. Emphasizes the needs of the market

The companies manage to do much for very little, interfering positively in the mobility and international student education, thanks to its own community and seal of its brand, logo.

Enjoy the video of  Fred Kofman: Conscious Companies vía Linkedin Youtube

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INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTIVITY: Pending issue of companies

A happy employee is more profitable, companies still lack methods to avoid the outflow of talent


– The keys to productivity are the effectiveness and efficiency of workers at the collective level but also at the individual level. For an employee to have a good working method he needs to have self-motivation. Both concepts are related and that is where a leader and a team manager should try to influence for a compromise between company and employee, in order to obtain that motivation that will, in the end, improve the profitability of the company. For it, there must be fulfilled a series of parameters:

1 – Work satisfaction: people’s satisfaction has a direct impact on the productivity of the company. The place of work is where you usually spend most of the day and by having a conformity, it increases your motivation and desire to work. A good leader must encourage this motivation, rewarding in some way the work and realizing techniques where the employees can have autonomy, ability to decide. That they find benefits form working for that company besides the salary.

2- Identification: Commitment to the company is an indispensable requirement in any workplace, and for this the worker must feel identified with the goal and the objective of any organization. Identification with the brand is more than a commitment, since it is not an obligation, but a feeling that the company must develop in the employee. This feeling also leads to increased productivity.

3- Competences: In order to reach high levels and expected results in a company, the conditions that an individual worker must have are to gather skills: adaptability, creativity, communication, tenacity, etc. These qualities are basic to perform the job. The contribution and personal capacity aside from your academic knowledge, will help to carry out the tasks and also improve the company.


Raising the salary is not the only way to motivate and to get the worker happy and loyal to the company.

There are rewards to which more organizations join every day so that workers feel more committed and increase their job satisfaction. Gratuities such as transportation, restaurant tickets, health insurance or aid in the education of children can greatly save employees, so it has been proven that the company motivates it without having to resort to salary increases.

Via Families presents itself as a social platform that allows multinational companies to offer a service to their associates and workers to make exchanges with families and students who share common needs and interests with their children in different countries, allowing them to learn different languages, and cultures. But also with the convenience of sharing tastes and interests with the exchange family.

Thanks to this platform companies that decide to adapt it to their workers as a form of remuneration will have the advantage of improving their brand as an employer and stand out against their competition. It is a novel system that makes companies loyal and retan talent.